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About Us

Phoenix Diamond BVBA’s business operations span the world of diamonds from rough to retail. Phoenix Diamond BVBA is the flagship company of the Phoenix Group. Headquarters in Antwerp (Belgium), with global presence around the world including customers in India, Europe, Middle East, America & Japan

At Phoenix Diamonds, we specialize in delivering exceptional service, with a steadfast focus on maximizing customer satisfaction. Once we receive an order, we guarantee a superior price-point, unrivaled by competitors, without compromising on the quality of our extensive range of loose diamonds. For us, customer satisfaction is paramount. Phoenix Diamonds, a leading manufacturer and global distributor of polished diamonds, supplies the jewellery trade with exquisite gems. Our team of highly skilled experts utilize the latest technology, while our rigorous quality control systems ensure efficient production. These high standards are integral to the esteemed reputation that Phoenix Diamonds now commands worldwide. We steadfastly believe in constantly enriching the value we bring to our customers and the diamond industry as a whole. To this end, we continuously strive to expand our product range and elevate our quality even further, solidifying Phoenix Diamonds as a beacon of excellence in the diamond industry."

Phoenix diamonds believe in the team work, we are the team of Young enthusiastic professionals with sound knowledge of all new technologies and experience persons of diamond industry.


Get to Know Us

Premal Shah, the visionary founder of Phoenix Diamond BVBA, planted the seeds of this prestigious enterprise in Antwerp, Belgium, in 2016. Aided by two dynamic stalwarts of the Indian diamond industry, Chetan Babulal Sanghavi and Rajesh Kanubhai Shah, the company blossomed and expanded its roots to India in 2017.

Phoenix Diamonds thrives on teamwork. Our energetic, proficient team blends youthful enthusiasm with vast knowledge of cutting-edge technologies and profound experience in the diamond industry. Our promoters, bound by familial ties, bring with them a rich legacy of two generations engaged in the diamond business. Their expertise spans the manufacturing and global distribution of rough and polished diamonds over the past three decades.

The meteoric rise of Phoenix Diamonds in such a brief period is a testament to our customer-centric ethos, ethical diamond manufacturing, and fair trading practices, hallmarks of our recognition by the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC). We take pride in our high-quality diamonds, microscope-based assortments, extensive variety, and volume. With a team of highly skilled professionals and adherence to fair trading practices, we actualize our values across the globe.

"I am Premal Shah, founder of this exquisite diamond venture. This journey has been a beautiful tapestry of challenges and triumphs, lessons learned, and milestones achieved, all underscored by a profound passion for the art of diamonds. Just as a diamond requires pressure to form, we too have embraced the challenges that have shaped our journey. Each obstacle faced and hurdle leapt over has been a testament to our unwavering determination and resilience, carving out our success story.

Our guiding star has always been integrity, mirroring the inherent value of the precious stones we deal with. The trust we've built, the relationships we've nurtured, and the dreams we've helped realize echo the quality and authenticity we vow to deliver. Our journey is not just about trading diamonds, but about being part of life's special moments. Each diamond we handle is a symbol of love and commitment, a piece of someone's dreams, and it's a privilege to contribute to these cherished memories.

As we look ahead, I am deeply grateful for your faith in us and your role in our story. Like a diamond, each of you has added brilliance to our journey, creating a company that shines with success and ambition. Our journey continues, with the promise of exploration, innovation, and the joy of bringing the allure of diamonds to you. Here's to a future that sparkles like the diamonds we cherish."

Premal Shah

Founder's Message

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